Monday, May 16, 2011


I was listening to some classic rock today and had this rush of memories from my days of sitting in st.Chris listening to pink Floyd and Kiss on my CD player. This made me think of the millions of people around the world who can listen to any crap that's put on the market, Rebbecca black made the biggest pile of crap Ive ever heard I don't want to even act nice about it she is not a musician and cannot write or sing plain and simple. Now I went on YouTube and saw that her song has 140,307,000 views. 140 million views think of that she has been seen by the population of Canada four times over. Now Rebbecca black is the exception, other artists these days seem to be releasing the same crap, this Ive noticed has been exponentially increasing since the death of p2p downloading, lime wire was the last free program that people really used now its all YouTube to mp3, and all of the music is made by some cocaine head on his laptop remixing songs to have some mind crushing beat playing over and over until he takes another rail and decides to add a drop to the song. Some times this music can be listen to even I listen to it but usually only when on some hard drug or to fucked up to even care about music.

Why cant people listen to good music anymore it seems that no one likes instruments anymore and even if they do have them its just some auto tuned crap whose band only ever has one hit. No one person can fix this it must be a movement the youth of today must bring back good music, bands inspired by the greats like led zeppelin pink Floyd the rolling stones heck even the Beatles instead of being the lazy generation we should use are talents towards real art, we have taken the easy way out like we seem to do with everything recently and that's constantly remixing the same music over and over.

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