Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Who controls the world. obviously it is not the president of the USA, it is safe to say at one point Americas leader was the most powerful man on the planet it didn't matter if you were a billionaire or on social security you step out of line and that man had the power to crush you. now the times have changed and companies had to invest elsewhere. the middle east is on fire...literally oil fields where selling like crack down in Saudi Arabia. So now we live in a world where the president is afraid of apple because they could use there media influence to crush the presidency. Well when you think of it it sounds right. we see celebrities being torn apart by media every day it has become a fascination. WHO GIVES A SHIT IF ______ HAD A GREAT SCENE. its a movie/show/etc.
what i am trying to get at is it is not the super wealthy that control the power it is you and I. companies figured that out a long time ago and ever since they have stuck to the same god damn routine. 1. TV shows littered with advertisements. 2.commercials during your program. 3. written and printed media. 4. Web based media.
Everywhere you go they can follow because they know exactly what you are going to do we are programmed to buy, love, be sad, rinse and repeat. Why do you love someone. is it because of a natural bond with a person if so why do 50% of marriages fall apart. well i wonder if that whole love thing has to do with a grand scheme like settling down in a nice house sitting down to diner with the kids. church on Sunday valentines day crap. We are to smart to live in this world. companies don't want you to take the blinders of your eyes because if you got pissed at apple. Microsoft would use that to there advantage its all competitive. which I believe it one of the only true desires in a humans life. you constantly desire more, the hottest girl nicest house with the nicest stuff with a rad body. We have a built in computer that tells us to want. our brain evolved so we could survive. well now surviving means having a mad up piece of paper with a face and number one it. what happened if america got bombed tomorrow, money would be worthless no one wants it except you and I. the government doesn't even want it look at the 9 trillion dollar debt.
society is falling farther from the last safe spot soon we will blend with technology and simply cease to care about trivial t]hings like emotions. Singularity is coming faster than we think.

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