Saturday, May 21, 2011

How much is to much

I was at work talking with my manager when the thought of a possible maximum wage popped into my mind. If someone can work for minimum wage, what would be an acceptable maximum, and should it be a set maximum for every person or a limit to the employment you are currently in.
I do not believe in cutting wages just because im not as rich or i believe it could be used on taxes but in the same regard why not have a limit just due to value of the dollar. Also if we set a stock brokers maximum wage to $15,000,000 ten years from now maybe that sum of money will be worth less. It would be safe to say that if there was a maximum, including government jobs the country could then more accurately direct funds into the right areas of the economy as well as being able to remove the income tax and replace it with some new reformed version of it.
Now that I've said my logical reasons for it there is also the emotional and experience side of it.I know for a fact personally  i would not like the limit because the land of opportunity has now turned into an automated logic system that rewards you for doing more important jobs. As i typed that i knew that one part of myself was leaning still towards no never i want to have a free economy were i can make trillions of dollars if i can come up with such a way of doing it, and that is my right in a capitalistic democratic country. The other side of me however was screaming out how amazing the economy would be if it was all computerized and all human error was removed from the equation.
Example; John,Mary,young son live in a 3 bedroom house, market value $375,000, John works as a regional manager for local super center. For the last twelve years John has been loyal to the company and each year is rewarded a $1,000 raise to his $85,000 a year salary . Mary works part time making 20,000 a year. The total  income each year for the family is $105,000. The places of employment as well as the governments responsibly to send taxes and census messages have been eliminated to be replaced by a computer that automatically links everything together using social media online banking online tax reports, no person would have to file taxes or fill the census there files are constantly being updated and the main computer would be giving the government every detail for every citizen.

What are your thoughts on maximum wage let me know what you think.

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