Saturday, May 21, 2011

Democracy and why we need to change it.

As I posted before about maximum wage i've received some emails regarding if im a socialist, and yes I do believe i am. Though that doesn't mean I don't like our current system democracy and having a free market in ways are good but in a fast developing era we must adapt to the world view. It has only been around since the Greeks and they only touched on democracy before changing it completely. In our day and age we simply cannot have multiple types of governments and once we rid that problem countries will not be singled out for being communist having a monarchy or having a single leader. Democracy before computers and the "global village" was near perfect but now presidents have to meet with dictators who have opposite views.

If we can create a democratic government that respects each countries views and still has a benefit for current leaders the world can move on from wars, and move as on humanity moving forward.

How much is to much

I was at work talking with my manager when the thought of a possible maximum wage popped into my mind. If someone can work for minimum wage, what would be an acceptable maximum, and should it be a set maximum for every person or a limit to the employment you are currently in.
I do not believe in cutting wages just because im not as rich or i believe it could be used on taxes but in the same regard why not have a limit just due to value of the dollar. Also if we set a stock brokers maximum wage to $15,000,000 ten years from now maybe that sum of money will be worth less. It would be safe to say that if there was a maximum, including government jobs the country could then more accurately direct funds into the right areas of the economy as well as being able to remove the income tax and replace it with some new reformed version of it.
Now that I've said my logical reasons for it there is also the emotional and experience side of it.I know for a fact personally  i would not like the limit because the land of opportunity has now turned into an automated logic system that rewards you for doing more important jobs. As i typed that i knew that one part of myself was leaning still towards no never i want to have a free economy were i can make trillions of dollars if i can come up with such a way of doing it, and that is my right in a capitalistic democratic country. The other side of me however was screaming out how amazing the economy would be if it was all computerized and all human error was removed from the equation.
Example; John,Mary,young son live in a 3 bedroom house, market value $375,000, John works as a regional manager for local super center. For the last twelve years John has been loyal to the company and each year is rewarded a $1,000 raise to his $85,000 a year salary . Mary works part time making 20,000 a year. The total  income each year for the family is $105,000. The places of employment as well as the governments responsibly to send taxes and census messages have been eliminated to be replaced by a computer that automatically links everything together using social media online banking online tax reports, no person would have to file taxes or fill the census there files are constantly being updated and the main computer would be giving the government every detail for every citizen.

What are your thoughts on maximum wage let me know what you think.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I was listening to some classic rock today and had this rush of memories from my days of sitting in st.Chris listening to pink Floyd and Kiss on my CD player. This made me think of the millions of people around the world who can listen to any crap that's put on the market, Rebbecca black made the biggest pile of crap Ive ever heard I don't want to even act nice about it she is not a musician and cannot write or sing plain and simple. Now I went on YouTube and saw that her song has 140,307,000 views. 140 million views think of that she has been seen by the population of Canada four times over. Now Rebbecca black is the exception, other artists these days seem to be releasing the same crap, this Ive noticed has been exponentially increasing since the death of p2p downloading, lime wire was the last free program that people really used now its all YouTube to mp3, and all of the music is made by some cocaine head on his laptop remixing songs to have some mind crushing beat playing over and over until he takes another rail and decides to add a drop to the song. Some times this music can be listen to even I listen to it but usually only when on some hard drug or to fucked up to even care about music.

Why cant people listen to good music anymore it seems that no one likes instruments anymore and even if they do have them its just some auto tuned crap whose band only ever has one hit. No one person can fix this it must be a movement the youth of today must bring back good music, bands inspired by the greats like led zeppelin pink Floyd the rolling stones heck even the Beatles instead of being the lazy generation we should use are talents towards real art, we have taken the easy way out like we seem to do with everything recently and that's constantly remixing the same music over and over.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Effects of pot and being sober in my life

Tonight I  sit while sorting out my thoughts, I have been sober for awhile now and in no way do I plan on staying like that. At the same time the feeling of euphoria I gain from smoking pot or sipping back some captain m comes in realizing things i would not notice while under the influence. I feel like two people stuck in one body surrounded by a constantly changing environment, for example if i smoke pot for three weeks then go sober for awhile once i go back to being high I feel like Ive just woken up from a deep sleep. I cant explain it any further then that except for this one feeling I keep at all times and it is the feeling of being out of sync. If I continue to be sober I have a fear of losing half of myself, and in extended periods without any substances I can actually notice how i change and that is one of the scariest things that has ever happened. I did some studying on this subject to see if this happens to many other smokers and to my surprise it is one of the most common things linked to smoking pot. Basically what the team that did the study said was that people who smoke lots or have smoked for long time and suddenly quit have a feeling of a part of them die.

The problem I have run into is that the same group of researchers are still conducting the ten year study and has just entered the second phase which is the five year mark in which they start to give the smokers that piece of them back.

I know this is not like my previous posts, though I feel it is important to tell all of my readers that my first two posts were done while i was sober for some time and the newer ones were while i was under the influence. this post however like i said is done at my breaking point, the middle ground between being sober for so long that all the THC is leaving my mind and making my mind go bland all the colours i see are becoming dimmer and less interesting by the moment and this will continue for i expect the next nine to twelve hours at which point the world around me will become ugly and uninteresting and even the mere thought of life before my soberness will cease to exist in my memory.

This however is not depressing, once i come back to complete reality I begin to think completely logically, my attention Span returns to normal my thought process begins to sort it self out and i stop dwelling in the past, which is the most depressing part of smoking pot. Even the complete feeling of euphoria i gain from pot has its downside. i begin to notice that Ive made many mistakes in my life and Ive hurt many people and while i am in that state i feel like i have to make it up to those people but i cant while smoking pot so i stop for awhile and the cycle begins once again.

Being in the middle right now i can honestly say my mistakes have been made and the past will remain the past and while i continue to live in the past i do not move forward with my own life which is the absolute worst.

Now i have dragged this a little to far and i think i should wrap this all up, I will close this post by simply saying that a major change to my life is necessary and that is what i plan to do, i will be honest to people i have lied to i will finish school save some money and move some were peaceful and far away, if you feel the same or have any expanded thoughts let me know.

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