Thursday, April 14, 2011

The S*** in between

Now life has a funny way of playing out im seventeen on my way to soon be that special age of 18, were kids grow up turn into adults leave high school and do something with there lives. Does everyone though of course there are the few that drop out and again there are the few who stay longer in school, and once again there are the few that must leave there home when they turn 18 and are thrust into adulthood without much warning. Do three fews make a many, How about all the people that go and take some course and end up hating it changing majors and fall out of the system finaly falling upon a job that pays more then minimum wage.

In fact it turns out that the people who manage to stay at home graduate take a post secondary course and stick with it to earn a degree are becoming the minority. My thoughts instantly flew to the government then the school system then minimum wage, taxes so on until it really hit me. corporation are a devil in disguise from god if that makes any sense, they feed off of people who cant earn $30+/hour they pay employees whatever the government says they can basically survive on but in truth thats not true it once was and the world was not as bad but now there are too many super powerful corporations in the world.

the first starts at the top, Oil the liquid gold of our entire species, if one day there was just not a drop left without warning we would decend into an anarchy then further into chaos and soon huge wars and so on.
Next is the number two Wal-Mart, basically a sixty two year old Mexican woman in blue, but behind that face is the pure essence of Evil. They have found the perfect way to destroy decades of work in a the time it takes to find a parking spot at a super- centre. Can you believe that after the 1860s and early 1900s when bosses just told kids to work and the elderly to stop complaining and to continue working, governments and the people changed it so we could be treated fair unions would protect the workers and the original concept was that noone would be without a union. Now its 2011 and we have 15 year olds getting jobs to pay for sports or to help the family even seniors who retired have been forced back into work by the assembly line of corporations. Wal-mart literally started as a place were you could go and get whatever you needed instead of going to ten different stores, they used to call it a mall but oil is to expensive and prices at wal-mart are cheap so people see the benefit. Though at what cost really is it having, so what your toaster is made in china, they get paid 14cents a day, the toaster costs 1.14 with labor to make plus 20 cents to ship in huge masses so giving it away on sale for 49.99 should even things out especially when frank down the street has an american built toaster that cost 15 bucks to make and 6 bucks labor to make, so how can frank compete when he sells his for 79.99.

What about communication, the phone used to be pay some little fee that pays wages of the operator and gives some money to the service manager to feed his kids. now your sucked in to getting a new phone every two years, well after 2012 the C.R.T.C and other Canadian and american service providers want people to upgrade every one year seven months, which is insane because the phones they sell you are 29.99 on a three year term and 499.99 on a two year and 550.00 on a one year plan, How can the average joe who make 40 grand a year pay for oil, morgage taxes food and all the latest gadgets without going into debt.

One word explanes that. Credit. Joe can make 40 grand but when you spend 42 a year that extra two goes onto his plastic which is then charged 30% interest. and now joe says oh no im broke and still losing money plus if I only make minimum payments on the bill I will have it till 2055.

So Joe gets in his car and drives to his local money mart and takes a payday loan three times a month. Now he has an extreme problem because he can now pay the extra money on his credit but not with interest in a year goes from making 40 grand to 30 grand just because the substantial fees charged at payday loan shops.

now Joe works at Wal-mart with his wife and kid making 10.25 each but one day minimum wage will go up and he awaits that day.

That was part one of four of The S*** In Between

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The universe

Now If your just reading this or have Stumbled upon this site, I urge you to continue reading for these simple ideas can sprout in your mind and thats the whole point I do not care if it all sounds stupid or I am some uneducated moron with another blog spreading his thought across the universe, I do it for the simple fact that someone that reads this at one point or another will think Hmm interesting then walk away and will add on and recreate my vision in there own mind. That is human nature someone invents the wheel that means now another person must use that wheel to make something better even if it has a slingshot on it to kill others that was a thought placed into a persons mind that expanded, and my view on that is simply why do humans have the on going competition not only with the man with the bigger stick but in the mind compared to the man who thought of the bigger stick. If this is what defines us as humans we must take that and think does everything do that not just some alien with some crazy name that cant be spoken in human, but bugs, mammals, dinosaurs. Isnt it a crazy thought that millions of years ago some dinosaur was like damn that T-rex has big teeth i should do something to protect myself. Instead natural selection and evolution created thicker skin shells etc. as humans have we surpassed that has knowing that natural selection is there caused us to advance much faster. no longer do we wait thousands of years to adapt to our surroundings now in a bear is going to attack us we shoot it, and if another human wants to kill use we design(think of that for a moment we design a solution to the problem) we are so smart and advanced compared to everything in our known solar system, Why worry about some crazy dictator when the other 5.999 billion other people will continue living sure someone will kill hundreds and be labeled a monster but compared to the genocide of of all life on earth(other then humans i mean insects animals plants etc) we some how decided in our progress from bacteria or whatever to human that we are the perfect creatures. Now dont get me wrong I eat meat and ive stepped on a snail by accident when i rains but considering that snail had like a 1in 10 billion chance in even being exsisting   how could I as the smarter creature justify killing something that is alive. on that subject if some alien smarter or dumber then us reaches us we instantly think war or peace friend or foe what are they going to do to us but that is a broken thought that has been evolving since the first thought of an alien. war and peace are a human creation. the ant hill outside your house doesnt go to war with the hornets because there different they also dont make peace with the worms just for the fun of it. If the ant hill is full it will come down to a couple choices that are predetermined. no action is taken which results in over crowding starvation and a form of chaos. another ant hill will be created with another queen and so on. or what we cant grasp as the "smarter race" nature, an ant wont just let another die because it cant eat but it also wont go and get food to help it because its an ant and ants dont think like that so the idea that if an alien arrived and just decimated us or fought us or made peace with us is even smaller of a chance then the chances that we would arrive at this point as a creature. if aliens are out there do you think they study the sky read a book discover new systems and build societies like us or chances are they are like 99.9 percent of creatures we have encountered and live by the code embedded in us all and that is to live.

So take a moment out of your day and consider  this. are we smarter just because we can travel to the moon are look at atoms and create cities with jobs and tv and internet or are we a product of a mistake in evolution were instead of livng we find ways to better kill one another or decimate other life on earth. by the way support Limewire and bring it back to life information and expression of creation cannot have a price tag music is from inside us and we should show our support by downloading this torrent.

to use torrent if you havent before download Utorrent(just google it) and go to and support human creation by viewing others perspective on life and experiences. heres the link for LIMEWIRE PIRATE EDITION.
Next post will be on the s*** we deal with in society and day to day life.

Remember always we live life trying to get, get, get and in the end all we can do is give it all away.

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