Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The universe

Now If your just reading this or have Stumbled upon this site, I urge you to continue reading for these simple ideas can sprout in your mind and thats the whole point I do not care if it all sounds stupid or I am some uneducated moron with another blog spreading his thought across the universe, I do it for the simple fact that someone that reads this at one point or another will think Hmm interesting then walk away and will add on and recreate my vision in there own mind. That is human nature someone invents the wheel that means now another person must use that wheel to make something better even if it has a slingshot on it to kill others that was a thought placed into a persons mind that expanded, and my view on that is simply why do humans have the on going competition not only with the man with the bigger stick but in the mind compared to the man who thought of the bigger stick. If this is what defines us as humans we must take that and think does everything do that not just some alien with some crazy name that cant be spoken in human, but bugs, mammals, dinosaurs. Isnt it a crazy thought that millions of years ago some dinosaur was like damn that T-rex has big teeth i should do something to protect myself. Instead natural selection and evolution created thicker skin shells etc. as humans have we surpassed that has knowing that natural selection is there caused us to advance much faster. no longer do we wait thousands of years to adapt to our surroundings now in a bear is going to attack us we shoot it, and if another human wants to kill use we design(think of that for a moment we design a solution to the problem) we are so smart and advanced compared to everything in our known solar system, Why worry about some crazy dictator when the other 5.999 billion other people will continue living sure someone will kill hundreds and be labeled a monster but compared to the genocide of of all life on earth(other then humans i mean insects animals plants etc) we some how decided in our progress from bacteria or whatever to human that we are the perfect creatures. Now dont get me wrong I eat meat and ive stepped on a snail by accident when i rains but considering that snail had like a 1in 10 billion chance in even being exsisting   how could I as the smarter creature justify killing something that is alive. on that subject if some alien smarter or dumber then us reaches us we instantly think war or peace friend or foe what are they going to do to us but that is a broken thought that has been evolving since the first thought of an alien. war and peace are a human creation. the ant hill outside your house doesnt go to war with the hornets because there different they also dont make peace with the worms just for the fun of it. If the ant hill is full it will come down to a couple choices that are predetermined. no action is taken which results in over crowding starvation and a form of chaos. another ant hill will be created with another queen and so on. or what we cant grasp as the "smarter race" nature, an ant wont just let another die because it cant eat but it also wont go and get food to help it because its an ant and ants dont think like that so the idea that if an alien arrived and just decimated us or fought us or made peace with us is even smaller of a chance then the chances that we would arrive at this point as a creature. if aliens are out there do you think they study the sky read a book discover new systems and build societies like us or chances are they are like 99.9 percent of creatures we have encountered and live by the code embedded in us all and that is to live.

So take a moment out of your day and consider  this. are we smarter just because we can travel to the moon are look at atoms and create cities with jobs and tv and internet or are we a product of a mistake in evolution were instead of livng we find ways to better kill one another or decimate other life on earth. by the way support Limewire and bring it back to life information and expression of creation cannot have a price tag music is from inside us and we should show our support by downloading this torrent.

to use torrent if you havent before download Utorrent(just google it) and go to and support human creation by viewing others perspective on life and experiences. heres the link for LIMEWIRE PIRATE EDITION.
Next post will be on the s*** we deal with in society and day to day life.

Remember always we live life trying to get, get, get and in the end all we can do is give it all away.

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