Monday, March 21, 2011


Death the next spot on my list. How do we come to the conclusion that our lives  are complete do we have that top job or a fast car, death will eventually get us, now everywhere (as in media)  i look I hear Death is the only constant. Death in most cases is caused by two thing murder or natural causes but when reading into cell restoration many scientists believe it is completely possible to fix dna to reverse the aging process.

In the milky way there are billions upon billions of planets, how many chances would it take to eventually have a race that is more advanced then us. lets say 1 in 10 million planets hold the most basic life (cell,bacteria,virus). then lets go abit further saying 1 in 1 billion can hold intelligent life now just in the milky way there is the chance of life like us mabye star trek and star wars were right on some small degree.

It is no longer the case of are you a believer or not it is in the math. In the entire span of the entire universe which is so unimaginably large noone can even comprehend how large it is, so if there are 1 billion systems like the milky way each holds billions of planets so distant even with the most advanced tech we would never be able to reach the end of the universe.

Now im starting to move onto the next post but if there are millions of species around the universe that are all smarter or equal to us if we could discover how to stop aging that means we can move to the limits of time and space meeting everything out there. If a human cant die would we still be human is that not one of the major factors keeping our humanity. Mabye one day one civillization will understand what im saying.

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